10 Amazing Movies Over 3 Hours Long

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10 Amazing Movies Over 3 Hours Long

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10 Amazing Movies Over 3 Hours Long Avengers endgame is over 3 hours
endgame would be on this list if it was released at the time of this video
Love Exposure
Okay, return of the king should be on number one, and where are the fellowship of the ring and the two towers at? They should be on the list as well.
Barry Lyndon
You have to be a pro to stay in the thearter watching a 3 hour film
endgame is 3 hours
Blood in blood out is like 5 hours lol
how about a list about 1 hour and a half movie ?
How come Titanic and Avengers: Endgame are missing from the list?
What about Avatar? That movie was great!
Endgame anyone?
Next is now Avengers Endgame.
Avengers:Endgame 3 hours long
Well, what about Avengers Endgame it has 3hrs long too and let see how many ppl gonna complain about this?
What? No Amadeus?
Dr. Zhivago should be #1; it's one of the best films ever made. The political history is not at all shoved to the side; it's front and center in the heart of the romance as the chief obstacle to the story, and there's nothing cheesy about any of it. Please watch films with your eyes, ears, and mind open. Thank you.
Endgame for the win
The Green Mile, 3 hours 9 minutes
Blood in blood out