10 Amazing Movies Over 3 Hours Long

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10 Amazing Movies Over 3 Hours Long

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10 Amazing Movies Over 3 Hours Long The Green Mile, 3 hours 9 minutes
Blood in blood out
JFK not total BS no ?
Gone With the Wind and Gettysburg.
Um, excuse me? Sion Sono's 'Love Exposure'? That thing's downright transcendental and nearly 4 hours long.
All three Lord of the Rings movies are just one large epic movie that runs over 9 hours!
Glad Godfather 2 got number one but honestly Godfather 3 is still pretty good
JFK does not belong on this list. I would add either Spartacus or Once Upon a Time America.
If you want to see a long version of the Godfather 1 and 2 watch the HBO version it's like 7 hrs long
Wait! No Gone with the Wind? The Green Miles?
That dances with wolves isn't on this list is an absolute travesty. 😥
the lord of the rings trilogy should be 4 movies. if only the MORONS that investing their money in hollywood didnt consider it a "risk"
"YoUr NoT mIsSiNg OuT oN aNyThInG bY sTiCkInG wItH tHe ReGuLaR cUt"

What a dumb statement. Your missing out on the conclusions to the stories of Saruman (arguably the main villain of the first two) and Grima Wormtong. The big conclusion to Aragon's arc where he faces Sauron in the Palantir and is afraid of Sauron but when he confronts The Mouth Of Sauron, he overcomes his fear and charges at the Orcs. There are a ton of other key plotpoints that happen in the extended edition dumbass
Lord of the rings should have cut out that 30 min fag fest at the end... ruined everything in the end.. I'm knew sam and fago were gay for each other, didn't need to see it
Nice list but where is “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”? Largest cast of legends ever!
I am one of the few who think the first Godfather film is superior. I just don’t like the modern portions of Godfather II.
I agree but there some movies missing: once upon a time in America, Barry Lyndon and so on. How long is Goodfellas?
Melancholia by Lav Diaz. Has a running time of 450 minutes and you have to order new buttocks after sitting through that one (:
Are ya'll running out of ideas?
Shame on you for not mentioning Blade Runner 2049 in the intro. A true gem at 2h45