2Pac - Changes ft. Talent

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2Pac - Changes ft. Talent

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2Pac - Changes ft. Talent ❤️
People always saying that Biggie got better flows and beats fuck outta here don’t nobody give a fuck that bullshit like Pac said don’t just bob ya head to the beat listen to what these rappers be saying in they lyrics and Biggies fat ass didn’t rap about Shit but money, hoes, clothes and raping kids in the ass
People got the fucking nerve to say Biggie is better Pac was miles ahead of that fat fuck 💯
I cried listening to this
Rip I wish I was alive to hear your music ur the best but u and biggie should’ve never beefed
He died 21 years ago, already has passed away.
I would've loved to see him and Obama together....
Lets chabge this world people oh wait sorry pac i dont think its happening since hitler is president
I really miss him. RIP Tupac Amaru Shakur
And I live in the hood but I live in compton
I'm only 8 and my life is like your's when you where little kid and im black to so I know how it is
RIP 2pac
RIP Tupac the greatest rapper to ever live I love u pac
pac sempre sera o melhor de todos os rappers, não haverá se quer rimas como a dele, ele se foi mas as rimas dele são como tatuagens em nossas almas, valeu pac por ter existido e ser esse rapper fodao..
R.I.P my bro. You have to go your journey. This world only one place in our lifes. Catch you later😇😎🙏❤💪
Propaganda at it's finest.
Who's still listening to this song in 2017, rest in peace tupac <3
We all miss 2pac#The Greatest
Aw man he never got to see Obama 😰😭😭
I'm not gay just wanna listen to some 2pac