2Pac - Changes ft. Talent

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2Pac - Changes ft. Talent

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2Pac - Changes ft. Talent I miss you
We love you☹
The realist gangsta ever.You'll be forever missed Tupac.
2pac changes x changes rest up legends 🙏🏽
The legendary 2Pac must've had ghosts writing his songs because no human can ever be so lyrically gifted. RIP legend!
2pac 💪💪
2018,08,15 we still with PAC
he lives im sure 2pac lives 1 like if you agree
Something will never change= no changes
2pac! Come back! [*]
why they censor out the word 'crime'? ffs....
2018 is on its cool music
Do I look guilty
I'd love to to back to when we was kids....But hey, things change.
He just had to die!
Still, No changes
This man, yeah, its Hornsbeys song. This man though, he could see what his generation felt. Express it. He knew it from his childhood, his whole life. What this America is, now...in 2018. Would it were people like Tupac were still here. I hear him and feel shame for when Im small minded. For when I walk by and dont care, This man...