2Pac - Changes ft. Talent

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2Pac - Changes ft. Talent

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2Pac - Changes ft. Talent 2018
R.I.P Junior #justiceforjunior
Have fun in hevin we love you 2pac
Rip 2pac
2 pac is the raper
Love the king of rap
R.I.P Tupac #greatest_ever
When I'm sad I listen to this song
I wake up in the morning ask myself why did he have do die
I cry every time I hear this
Tupac shakur foi e sempre será o melhor rapper do mundo, é um monstro sagrado do rap mundial que não tem música ruim, só musicao mano,que Deus o tenha meu mano !!!
1:53 we finally got one
78million views a
Wow didn't realize x was this big I'm seeing on every music video even random video rip x
22 years ago the legend passed away R.I.P LEGEND 2PAC And still he is a legend
Rip pac and xxxtentacion
0:34 deal with devil
France 🇫🇷 🇸🇳🧡