2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality]

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2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality]

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2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality] How do you turn a love song into a raw diss track? Only Pac hahaha!!
Ik this was tupac last music video on sep 6. but did him and snoop had beef before this
Happy G Day Pac!!!
4:31 The way that beat changes 🔥
Happy Birthday PAC!
Happy birthday makaveli the don we miss you boii
Look how he cant move his left arm when walking off starting at around 426 when smoking in walking to red car. I think this was made after he faked his death. Also kc n Jojo was never with him in this video also.
KCI a crack head... whack ass
My fav pac.. video
Dude was a genius...seeing this video I can't believe it was so long ago. He would have been huge if he didn't get killed. You think Jay-Z is big, this guy would have been next level. RIP
I Love you Tupac. "Expect me like you expect Jesus' return".
Fuk many hoe off this one
This song came out one week after 2Pac died R.I.P.
I’m telling you I would’ve made it a mission to meet Tupac if I was this age in that era I don’t care call me a groupie I’d gladly be that
Shhhh I'm sorry for sleeping on this song 💨💨
would have been better if Danny boy wasn't 1/3 of the song
2pac greatest rapper of all time !! 😄😎😇