2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality]

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2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality]

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2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality] When he's looking in the mirror he's wearing sneakers 👟 that came out after he died so maybe he's still alive😊😊😀
Q negro Sexy!
Classic..The Goat 🐐
This song is cool af. But why's Pac callin' Dre gay and Danny Boy all over the hook? LMAO!!!!
Had to watch this again as Teddy Riley said this was a diss to him
Death Row was 10000000000x better than NWA we can argue i have time
my girl PLAYERS club was in the vid..NEVER knew! #MrsRAYE <3
no rapper can stop his appeal here.
As fruity as this Alize. Danny Boy (wait he’s talking about Dre I’m still good)
probably the hardest video ever!!!
The Teddy Riley Breakfast Club interview brought me here
The breakfast club with Teddy Riley brought me here.
I bury an gold ak
Chris rock
Nino brown Westley snipes
Takin a crap and smoking a cigar at the same time watching this thug style.
Kiss you soft on ur stomach. push my love. inside ☺😉. yeah i know next time i Play wit a lady this song getting played!!! #R.I.P Pac
Tupac switch a song from love to diss , just Tupac things xD
Lisa ray can get it