2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality]

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2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality]

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2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality] I think he said hes yoi g to break stuff... like limp biscuit
That close up @ 1:56 lawd
2pac is dead , suge in jail , dr dre a billionaire who lives in a mansion , I think we know who won
I am a man
Can't I even get a lady tonight in this game
I need a lady tonight
My friend
this video happened 3 months after the vegas incident
Didn't Pac diss Da Brat??? but got her sister Lisa Raye in this video
Hardcore,R'nB,diss and romantic mixed in one hell of a track.This track got everything,still dope in 2019 👌
I see pac tryn sneak wit Brenda 😂
He looks damn sexy in this video ...
He got Lisa Ray in that thing
Pac is A Legend and will always
Who listening in 2018? 🔥 #ThugLife
Aaron Hall = P.i.M.P!!
One of the best videos ever, California love too is just greatest of all time no doubt. That Ludacris stand up video is one of the best music video ever too.
2pac was so perfect,its hard to believe he was even real.❤
... he tells everything... lol