2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality]

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2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality]

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2Pac - Toss It Up [High Quality] Why Pac had to break that mirror for, next day after filming this bad luck struck in Vegas...
For some reason I like 2Pac more than Michael Jackson
0:33 those sneakers pac is wearing were released days after he was pronounced dead. Possibly he didn't die, but it's likely he got them before drop
RIP Tupac🙏🏽
Pac had a battery in his back and was a robot for suge...it is really unfortunate that 2 of the greatest rappers of all time died at the hands of suge knight
"High quality"
2019 2pac
Tupac got lucky Eminem didn't diss him back he's the second King of diss after biggie
I see Lisa Raye Baby
Dre and sug owed pac millions. Easier to pay nothing to a dead man than pay what you owe.

Better than no diggity. This is the only version. Toss it up Dredaisybabeh
Man this song is still hard! Even in 2019 Tupac is a murderer on the mic!
"Check your sexuality as fruity as this Alize"
Kodak ... how DARE YOU!
Pac rapped on a few lines so weak to bad dre killed j in real life instead of a verse punk bitch west side for life
😎2pac greatest rapper of all time!! 📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻📻
Why would he say (still) down for that Death Row sound?
Nobody ever questioned if he was down with Death Row. Until after the stories of him wanting to leave started coming out after he got shot in Vegas.
I can't help but notice the lung surgery scars he has under his left arm and under the left side of his chest. Laylegend pointed it out in one of his Tupac's alive videos. I know its from Lund surgery because I've had 4 of them and I have multiple of the same exact scars on both sides.
2pac's double for smile,either video is platinum.
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Makaveli the Don is alive Thugz whatch your ride twice Westside to Cali!!
Its dope How Pac always One upped whoever he was fighting with , with a harder diss track everytime R.I.P.