Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

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Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

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Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk This video stops my baby from crying every time. He LOVES it!! Very cool
class !!
Best Video Ever!!! 💙
Absolutely fantastic !! --------------Nothing like those classic musicals. ------------WolfSky9
Absolutely LOVE this video. Great modern day music with Old School musical video. For me, it Works. Big Time!!
WOW love seeing the greats! Honestly I still love their dance style and thankful I had to take dance.
sacrilege....have you no respect for the talent of these people, which VASTLY exceeds the dross that passes for entertainers nowadays?
Eleanor Powell is my favourite. Amazing vid, thanks for the upload.
Nicely done!
candyman works good also
This is absolutely incredibly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have a great sense of rhythm and composition, Very cool ! 👏👏👏
Back to enjoy it once again. This is a fantastic compilation.....I am amazed at how few have enjoyed it but seriously concerned at how many dislikes it is getting. SHARE SHARE SHARE
I like!!!!!!!!!!
I think I've commented on this video before....but I occasionally come back to it because it's so uplifting.

But the reason I'm commenting again, is because I think it is THE MOST SPECTACULAR piece of editing I have EVER seen. It's truly brilliant. I could watch videos like this all day. Thank-you for your brilliant work.
Whoever edited this to the music is genius.
So aweome