Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

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Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk

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Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk This video stops my baby from crying every time. He LOVES it!! Very cool
best dance video ever - ever - ever !!!!!!!!!!! Dang, I come back to this every time I want to see real dance and it never disappoints! Thank you for the compilation.
So cool how they made these wonderful old Movies match this song!
beautifully choreographed
I'm interested in your book, but I don't buy from Amazon because of the sweatshop conditions in its fulfillment centers. I will get a local shop to order it.
Sharing this on Facebook... because I think EVERYONE from EVERY AGE needs to see that movies and musicals are timeless, and to think in 50-60 more years we'll be thinking the same thing about the movies and music we have now! Now only if we can sit and re-watch all these shows. I think I have seen nearly half of them though, so my life is not yet complete.
Wonderful Funki Great stuff I still love Singing in the rain and dancing in the street 😆
Very well put together!!
LOL with delight! This video melange is GREAT!
Whoever edited this did a great job. Very talented. Thanks for the video.
Who said that all generations can't sing and dance together?? ")
00:17 HOT!
hate this song
This is hilarious.
I can't stop watching this!
FROM MR SUPERMAN 3BC1   WOW ! ! ! WOW ! ! ! WOW ! ! ! AWESOME ! ! ! AWESOME ! ! ! AWESOME ! ! ! TOTALLY AWESOME ! ! ! WOW ! ! !
enjoying this again and again.
Proof positive, everything today was done with more class by our grand and great grandparent's generations
To awsome
I was 'crying ' too..bout dis ole World of ours...sad to glad in seconds ..thanks, I even surprised  myself w/ an honest laugh  :)