6LACK - Prblms (Official Video)

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6LACK - Prblms (Official Video)

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6LACK - Prblms (Official Video) Oh my fuck. I love listenin to this and smokin. Issa 🔥 beat
"Cryin you wanna be great but sleepin until the next day"
This songs not bad man
gloomy hiphop
Its like X1.25 speed is the real song but he uploaded it slowed down.
This song is fyeee🔥
Could someone tell what this is about?
Still here 2017 almost 2018
why you catch them feels umm sip on this drank
Now this is deep, very deep.
Who else is listening to this before 2018
Just ripping off Freddie Gibbs
He has a trilogy vibe. Ive been missing and needing this shit!!!! Ever since trilogy/kissland I've been searching for vibe like that and this finally feels similar!
I still Fuck with Abel's new pop shit but it doesn't compare to trilogy's darkness and production
Fuck Love Period every word is facts
Hits Blunt
If you were born deaf, what language do you think in?
1.25 x speed. Oof <3
Lookin like ol gregg
Beautiful video...R3spect. 2017