6LACK - Prblms (Official Video)

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6LACK - Prblms (Official Video)

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6LACK - Prblms (Official Video) Este Dref
This song is dope as fuck bro
When the steak was over cooked...
Straight fire 🔥💯💯
why is this so underrated?!
2018 🔥🎧
I love prblms
If i ever comment on a song... then you know that shit fire
Love how he uses ~Queens~ intstead of b*tches, hoes, etc... Got plenty of Queens in my hometown all they need is drank & that dank
2018 still 🔥
Dope track... Been sleeping on
been blazin to this on repeat .. "so i found me a new thing i'm not as lost as u think"
He need to brush his hair
I was trying build with him
but fuck it Im 👍 good
freddy gibbs murder this motha fuckin track
Till this day this song still give me that feeling that my girl too damn lazy and need to be found
Who is the model in the video ? 3:08
Typical women