808 State - Azura (ZANG 48)

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808 State - Azura (ZANG 48)

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808 State - Azura (ZANG 48) sounds like lamb !! ;)
underrated! Lou Rhodes is great here
sounds like Dido
incredible song and video,808080808080808 brilliance
Don Solaris is by far my favorite 808 state album.
Super group
this takes me back to 1996,,,the words effected me after an accident xxxxx
youll all me kill me, but the singing gets on my nerves, it usually does in electronic music.
A true d&b classic that gets constantly ignored. Shame...
Actually, I think the lyrics are quite good (certainly much better than your written language skills, phobal).
the song was so good until she started talking. sorry, the lyrics suck.
drum and bass meets introspective and meanginfull lyrics - who would have thought?