A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends

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A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends

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A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends 2:53 Did rengar stab Katarina right in pussy? xD
Nautilus can oneshot a Jax with a Q spell but Graves cannot have a cigar ?
this video proofs kills are over the farm :v
Filmi çıksa patlar bence piyasa :)
I just love how the first two just dodges the log in the beginning all daintily and with finesse, THEN THE TANK COMES ALONG AND JUST FUCKING SMASHES IT OUT OF THE WAY LIKE IT'S A FUCKING PIECE OF PAPER.

Still proud of Riot Games.
Darius - Top
Draven - ADC
Zyra - Mid
Naut - Jungle????
Kata - Mid

Jax - Top
Graves - ADC
Leona - Supo
Ahri - Mid
Rengar - Jungle

Okay.....???? Or Naut Jungle? i never saw a Naut Jungle in my lifetime
how dare you make the game seem more epic than it is!
5:40 That reaction makes me laugh everytime i see this
what a good moment! 2:54
noob nautilus late
I wonder what Jax can do with a real weapon
Somebody give this guys a pepsi
Who fed darius?
Holy shit! I've never played in Lol, but this video... (*_*) Now i'm too want full-length movie xD Filmed at Blizzard's level, awesome
Here's something that's never been mentioned: Jax only died to Naut because he was mourning the death of his lampost at 3:31.
2:55 c:
Grave have his cigar
that damn naut can't stay grouped