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Abba - Fernando

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Abba - Fernando I love Abba, I adore Frida.
I don't want to admit it but I do hear the drums
Beautiful song
Who else is here because of That 70s show
My name is Fernando
Anyone from epidemiology of Community?
That 70s show brought me here
Big hit, later '76, along with Dancing Queen, early in my senior year!
What teenage boy didn't have a crush on these two back then.
Dedico todo meu amor pelo group ABBA minha maior felicidade é viver houvindo suas musicas
Anyone here from “for diamonds” parody?
I used to sing this song if i see my friend fernando to embarassed him haha
All the people listening to this song named Fernando are shook
70s is awesome ♡
Abba trouxe muitas saudades,melhores cantores do mundo e abba é melhor que as músicas de hoje em dia
Linda canção 🙌💃
What a tune. Magnificent!
АББА со мной навсегда!!!