Abba - Fernando

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Abba - Fernando

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Abba - Fernando Perfect
Frida... she’s sooo beautiful... love her sexy and sultry voice, her beautiful eyes...
Class act forever.
My favorite song from Abba
Like si tu aimes et si tout comme moi tu ecoutes cette musique en 2018...musique inoubliable💜💜💜
that's enough ............
the best number for Mexican revolution
Man, I'm in love with the blonde girl, she is just so beautiful
A masterpiece of ABBA
Who Is Here From Malcolm In The Middle?
ABBA's secret! Melody, Harmonies, Timing. Two superb singers (soprano & mezzo soprano). And that melancholic thread that ran beneath the surface. SMILING THROUGH TEARS! And the band of course had that Swedish reserve that was very charming.
Amo Abba
Abba songs sound better when your drunk 😎
what a composition...Musical genius at work.
Good tune, sounds like sound of silence at the beginning.
That 70s show anyone? That episode where Donna and Eric dance to this song is playing and I wanna cry because soon they break up, Eric goes to Africa, Kelso moves to go see his baby girl, midge ditches her husband and daughter. Fez becomes an American. Lori has to be replaced by another actress because the original actress had a drug overdose. It's sad but I live it
Mexico's National Anthem
So they Are Anti American??? fuck them! That's why they're album flop in US...
Damn, what a fucking flawless chorus. How exactly does one come up with such transcendently sugary-sweet melodies? As an amateur/aspiring songwriter, I have wondered this many times.
2021 ?