Abba - The Day Before You Came

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Abba - The Day Before You Came

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Abba - The Day Before You Came timeless music
Love Abba my favorite from 1982
Today 21.9.2017 is the 35th anniversary of recording this video clip. I recall the sad day in my military service when I heard from a army officer that his colleague's wife who was married in the same summer had died in a car accident the day before. She just happened to be my teenage girlfriend the officer didn't know and I wasn't able to tell.
This was also the last song ABBA ever recorded sad.
Ich liebe dich
Eagle and The Day Before You Came are my favourite ABBA songs by a country mile.
Always so beautiful. It always takes me to another place. One of the best songs of all time
Abba joined electronic age here in 1982 with this masterpiece covered by blamange which was a bigger hit than this the original.
Talking about the future in past tense..and not remembering it! Work of genius 💪💪💪
I am 58 and this song still makes me cry ,Abba was my youth days band and I still adore Abba!!almost angelic voice
Abba still after all the years, never tire of listening to them.
adoro os abba mas é demais
dat was nog eens een goede groep en goede muziek
Es wahr normal. Das so eine starķe Truppe wo jeder eigene Gedanken hat bricht und eigene Wege geht.
I can't stop myself listening this song over and over..ABBA is timeless..
Thank you for the music and heritage you have left, guys...The best of the best...
ABBA na wieki wieków amen!!!
Another favourite
Stunning woman & that Voice too.
One of my all time favourite Abba tracks