Abba - The Day Before You Came

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Abba - The Day Before You Came

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Abba - The Day Before You Came Robert De Niro?
The video shows the ice cold,dark,endless never ending  winterdays in Nothern europe .Sweden has the most suicide attemps in the world.Even agnethas own mother commited suicide witch broked her hard forever.
the song is very nice but i don t understand the words, is there any translation ?
What a gorgeous and haunting song. I have loved it from when it first came out. I like to think that in the song. her lonely and predictable life was changed for the better on the very next day. She meets someone who has a profound impact on her, and even though I have always felt that her life
changed for the better, the song ends with that haunting melancholy vocal and synthesizer duet that brings chills every time.
I believe this is one of ABBA's best songs. It has such a very, very interesting, haunting touch and melody, very depressive also...and, of course, one, just one verse that changes the whole meaning of the lyrics and the song completely and brilliantly shows the impact and the change that one person can make in a life of another...the before-and-after in someone's life...positively, negatively, but nothing is the same anymore, as it was...the day before you came...
One of their best. Love it.
I still think this is one of the the best ABBA's songs ever written
Que maravilloso tema,melancólico,brillante,arreglos para aquella época impresionantes,de lo mejor de ABBA
Nowadays musick is completely artless.
En Argentina también los escuchamos,durante mi niñez,y aún los sigo escuchando,siempre queriendo cantar como Frida...
40 лет прошло Абожаю АВВУ.Гении.
Слава Украіні.-..
Украіна вистоіть.
Gänsehaut, aber es leitete auch das Ende einer der erfolgreichsten Gruppen ein. ABBA begleitet mich schon mein ganzes Leben. Einfach unvergesslich. Alle Songs für mich immer ein großer Erfolg...
I cry everytime I hear this masterpiece. It when you are regret of have been met someone that broke your heart....I love ABBA !!!!
Beautiful song.
I realy like the arrangment of the song
Even some Rainbow members said ABBA was their favorite band.............
I love ABBA though I’m not of the generation & I wish I were .. where there is no fake emotions
Gold is Gold
Incredible music❤️