Abba - The Day Before You Came

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Abba - The Day Before You Came

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Abba - The Day Before You Came I know they are liked and hated in equal measure, but the lyrics and arrangement of ALL their songs is brilliant
When Sweden still was Sweden.
My favorite ABBA song
For me the best song of ABBA. So good and so sad
Ingmar Bergman in musical form. Amazing.
ABBA at their best and Agnetha at her sexiest
I love European Cities.
Einfach nur geil ...was ..war das eine schöne Zeit ...und ich höre sie mir so oft an ...schön....
самая моя любимая музыка
лайк охъуенный. по-маддоновски епт
I never heard this great song before .. what album is it from?
Definately doesn't live in an area served by Southern Rail :-D
J'ai entendu dans un reportage un des techniciens qui ont participé à l'enregistrement de cette chanson dire que lorsque ce fut fini, tout le studio était quasi en larme. C'était la fin, ABBA, AGNETHA ne ré-enregistrerait plus jamais ensemble. Je le comprend.
The best song ever 🎤🎼
I ❤️ it
it's magical music
I have always found this song fascinating, it is deceptively simple but actually one of the most non repetitive pop songs, I have never figured out the pattern behind the double beat of the drums. I am glad to see that it is in Benny Anderson's new piano album, it suggests he regards it as one of his greatest works - which it surely is
ABBA songs will live for ever.
Abba es lo mejor
At this time in their career I believe Agnetha was at her most beautiful and was a gorgeous lady who had confidence and experience and knew where she had been.
The best Abba song