Abba - The Day Before You Came

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Abba - The Day Before You Came

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Abba - The Day Before You Came Грац!!!
What can you say...?
Where in Sweden is/ was that railroad bridge?
I love ABBA and love Agnetha
Men and women courting each other in public places with furtive glances and a sense of mischief. Not anymore, not now! Everyone is too busy staring into their phones to notice the world around them.
Without doubt my favourite Abba song ever.
Best political video ever, and gives me the horn x
The day before you came into my life ( 28 december last year Zak Bagans, cause 29 december I saw him on tv, and thats the day he cames into my life ) <3
These songs, and these musicians will never ever be repeated again, happy to see them together again in 2019 .
Me too 1.02
pop perfection on ALL levels....80s era was on the verge and it was the BEST...never forget
this is a cool song
Happy birthday to our beloved Agnetha! Much love from italy.
Agnetha has been, and still the youngest member of Abba, and for quite some years being viewed as the sex symbol or poster girl, until her marriage with Bjorn failed - that's when her singing talent matured when she started to have a character and taste with songs like this, or in a few other works in the later years of Abba. I saw in another show that Benny and Bjorn asked Agnetha to not sing in her "best" way - this is more lke a monologue of a drama, and I still am amazed at Agnetha's rendition.
Beautiful Agnetha.
The porn flick atmosphere about Abba... 21st century, you know nothing
Is just perfect song....a masterpiece, and it breaks my heart every time I hear this song, since it reminds my boring routine and a love that didn't end up well.
I'm no Abba fan , but this song does it. So Melancholy. So perfect.