AC/DC - Highway to Hell (Official Video)

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AC/DC - Highway to Hell (Official Video)

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AC/DC - Highway to Hell (Official Video) I like your songs
That band is so good
Nice track n video suscribe back
Oh man I was only 11 yrs old when I heard this song...BIG DEAL! Now I´m 49 yrs old and still love this song. It means to me so much with my life. Thank you AC/DC nobody bullied me at all and Got enough guts help bullied kids. In my yrs High school we formed as tough men to protect kids from bullies. I loved that times one had any guts to bully us..We were so deep with Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Eagles, we were 7 guys group always going after bullies deep. Principal never punished us what we were doing. That time kids enjoyed a time without bullies because we were watching.
RIP bon scott <3
Sex pistols con sid vicious lo más grande de un movimiento no solo punk k la gente se ekivoka todo un movimiento le todavía dura y no lo mezcleis con grupos musicales de personajes k los odiaban y ahora intentan sacar tajada jippis de full y muchos más indeseables cuando actuaban UtySubs
good music
I know he says "season ticket on a one way ride ,but it sounds like he's saying she's a niggr on a one way ride am i wrong? Been listening for over 35 years since i was 12 lol
Love AC/DC 💖🎸
ese cabron traia de bajito una legion
R.I.P Malcolm Young and Bon Scott
Why does that bassist remind me of Johnny Ramone?
Extreñido :v? 2:03
Like si queréis que suba un vídeo a mi canal tocando esta cancio(soy batería pero novato eh)
Русские есть?)
Ele usava uma jaqueta jeans sem manga, cavada e desfiada, aberta.
It's almost 2019, I'm almost 23 and this is the tits