AC/DC - The Jack (from Live at River Plate)

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AC/DC - The Jack (from Live at River Plate)

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AC/DC - The Jack (from Live at River Plate) What a performance! Extremely powerful and vivid!
A great song
Que bueno
8:54 Cosa Maravillosa.
suena lindo
Se me.pone la piel de gallina mas en ese estadio hasta las pelotas
I missed good MTV by a few years. Its a three inch screen and i don't a shit. Hells yeah. " that last part was intended as a joke" ✌
Oh man, please Angus keep this fucking band going!!!
angus young is lend and ac dc too🖤🎸🎤
Al işte yine bunlar Kırıkkale den hepinize selamlar timsah emminiz.. Türkiye cumhuriyeti demokratik bir ülkedir selamlar.
I wonder if the birth rate went up 😂😂😂 BEST EVER
Greatest ever Rock & Roll band , playing to one of the best audiences ever 👏👏👏
de ce trebuie sa va urmaresc ?
acdc underwear ha
That sound..
all hang around the Bigg market !!!!
I saw Angus live once. It was 2017 with Guns N’ Roses in Hannover. They played Whole lotta Rosie and Riff Raff. I will never forget the moment where Axl introduced him (but seriously, that man doesn’t need an introduction) and Angus walked up on stage. It was like God himself stood there.
Bon Scott and Brian Johnson both kicked ass. Acdc will still kick ass after axl. GNR " oldies" needs those three dudes. No disrespect to izzy and adler.✌
My ONE ☝🏻 OF THE FAVORITE SONG! ~ ;P From young age~ 😜😝😋