AC/DC - The Jack (from Live at River Plate)

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AC/DC - The Jack (from Live at River Plate)

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AC/DC - The Jack (from Live at River Plate) зэ бэст!!!
AC/DC this is my best side
Angus Young was the group's no longer. El no va más Angus Young
Disculpen mi brutez e inculto que soy no se traducir lo que dicen, me imagino lo que yo, AC DC el mejor grupo de todo los tiempos !!!!!!!!
They are just a cover band of their former selves
Guys, that guitar player's gonna catch pneumonia! Lol.
I Love AC DC
2:20 🌌😍
4:15 the dude behind face LMAO
Que show!!! Y en mi país!🇦🇷
I’ve got The Jack just by watching this. Love this song much. Thank you Malcolm Young for all your Riffs. Still amazing then, now and forever ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Killer tone, Angus!
Grew up with this song. Totally forgot about it until The Hollywood Vampires did it at The Joint last night. Helluva show and this song was a huge highlight for me. YEEESSS!
Это ШЕДЕВР!!!! Всем поклонникам этой группы - БОЛЬШОЙ ПРИВЕТ!!!
Angus is probably the best guitarist ever because he can hold his own even while jumping and dancing all over the stage....that's just him. He has always done that.
It's really amazing to know the stories of how all these epic songs came to be. To actually think that some band members thought that the licks and music sucked. Wow!! look at them licks and songs!
At 3:26 you can see angus adjust his guitar mid sing. Absolutely incredible.
9 more days Ralphie your queen ..goodbye on 23