AC-DC Thunderstruck / Jet Fighters

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AC-DC Thunderstruck / Jet Fighters

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AC-DC Thunderstruck / Jet Fighters Russian aircraft- full shits!!! Scrap metal...
They disgrace this song with their presence...
so when do,,,,I
God bless USA. From Russia
Love this song and you have done a great job editing footage to suit. But if I may, I would like to suggest ( more like request ) that you do the same song. Only instead of jet footage, you use footage of explosions. Everything from High cal bullet impact to grenades, rocket launchers, surface to air missiles, mortars, heat seekers, torpedo's, etc, etc. I would love to do it myself but I don't have the skills, know how or equipment. You clearly do and would obviously do a very professional job. Please make me a happy happy man.
Can I have one? For uhhh... "transportation" uses
Fantom vs Mig-35 is nothing
Wow that's cool
Harriers! Um dos aviões mais incríveis já construído pelos homens!
It's so.... beautiful
Too bad my favourite Dassault Rafale isn't featured here, loving this nevertheless!
I want to bomb world with A10 listening to this music
Was that Tom Cruise whizzing past 👽
Ac/dc is shatan music?
Brasil Bolsonaro
This is great but I would have prfered some ww2 gun cam footage.I love that stuff and Brian Johnsons voice is amazing
Anybody else get goosebumps seeing them bank in formation after missle launch or is that just me?
That's how we fly in America!