Akcent - Love Stoned (Official Video)

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Akcent - Love Stoned (Official Video)

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Akcent - Love Stoned (Official Video) Always love the romanian music even the time goes by, i will back to listen to it
Akcnt ever$@#😍😍
2018? 😍😅
no Dziecie to bo
Akcent 💗
best best music ever💖🎶🎶🎶
How Deep is my Love ????
2010 <3
2018 still
Music perfct
In love with music 😘
From Pakistan 🇵🇰 2018
i still litsen in 2018, i love this song so much... and love ur voice akcent.. u r just amazing....
love song
2018-? Akcent
Eduard 😎para Brasil
I love so much the song ever
Akcent is my favourite...... love u...