Akon - Lonely

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Akon - Lonely

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Akon - Lonely 2019 na bado niko solo,Ngai wee.
ten years ago'
10 years after :)))) 2019???? and im still listening to this .this song came out when i was 3years old :o. it is beautiful i wanna cryyy :((((((
Essa música tocava muito lá perto da quadra da mangueira
18 Januari 2019 Resmi aku putus dengan si dia 😭😭
Beri saya semangat
Brasil/São Paulo, 2019 ❤️
He does that bc of the King Of Pop. And what i mean is his standing in a T shape
THAILAND​ 2019​ 💓🤙
S a d | N I g g a | H o u r s
2009...... What happned to the time?
Amooo demais! 2019
Bénin 2019
Alguem Do Brasil?
Do u c I'm busy right now
I love this song
Never noticed. . That's Bonny Bennet aka Bon Bon
damn remember when he was legit an icon?