Akon - Lonely

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Akon - Lonely

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Akon - Lonely I m so lonely 😓😢
Boli me sto me ne volis, sto tako hladna ti siiiiii
2018 Octuber?
Sdds desse tempo que o celular ainda não tinha dominado o mundo das crianças 😓💔
You just had some people ask if you wanted to come with them. You're not lonely you peice of shit
2018 November?
Essa musica marcou meu tio
October 2018?
ههههعععع وحدي هنا في صحرااء قاحلة 💪😭
just an english cmt passing by
1'25 speed hhhhh 😂
Eu estou ouvindo ainda
😍nice song
I firstly heard this in TONY HAWK (skateboarding game) on Xbox BRING OLD MEMORIES BACK
Hi you found a english comment 😊
These is Melodies
where the rest of my lonely brothers at?
2018 October India?
I love this song ❤ #realmusic