Alfons - Ganjaman (Official Video)

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Alfons - Ganjaman (Official Video)

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Alfons - Ganjaman (Official Video) 2018?
what the actual f did i just watch i mean its cool song but video is something else
Ecstasy man
Moral ? Listen this music is drug and destroy objects, eat burgers, dancing with old people. Thanks Alfons !
A big nightmare....
What ever this guy is on i need it for my teacher
I only need like 3 shots of tequila to get exactly like that
Basta boi is better. ❤️
I'm still banging this shit in 2018
Mandem smoking more den ganja man 😂😂😂
1:12 Possession Illuminati confrimed (lel)
2018 ;)
Koleś wygląda jak Tomasz Sapryk (Polski Aktor)
Hmmmmmm I think I missed a lot in my life😞
We all 10m are gods