Alice Cooper - Poison

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Alice Cooper - Poison

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yall so happy but let me tell you that somebody made a yaoi comic of bug life and used this fucking song
молодёжи есть с кого брать пример !
со временем становится только лучше.
Greetings from Serbia💜🇷🇸
Das Lied von meiner Frau und mir als wir zusammengekommen sind. Hoffentlich wird's mal wieder so wie früher ...
Dam Alice u know how to rock
i love this song in fact sang this in the the store when i was only three years old and i was wearing pigtails and a toto when i sang this song i know crazy right!
🚆 potting
13,000 people have never been a man dating a beautiful but horrible woman :)
My first Alice Cooper song that I remember. ❤️❤️❤️ doesn’t get much better than this!
His song 'Cold Ethyl' (about his dead girlfriend he keeps in the fridge is twisted.
Hate it I think .my mother likes this and she's like 80. I hate it
i have to think of my cute "sanction-crazy" job agent from jobcenter when listening to this song ;-)))
Poison like always...
80's 90's musics were much better
почти 30 лет песне а она всё так же прекрасна и слушается на одном дыхании!!! браво !!!
This man puts on one damn good show I've always liked Alice cooper and will always like him