Alice Cooper - Poison

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Alice Cooper - Poison

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Alice Cooper - Poison so good
I love Alice Cooper 😉🥁🎸🔊♥️
I'm 15, I love this old school music and I have loved It since was little
when rebuilding my 69 roadrunner in a tobacco barn in 1977,the only cassette i owned was Alice cooper. i run that tape until it wore the music off of it. most cassettes only run for one side of a album then you had to flip it over. the roadrunner fared better as i went by moms house at 115mph in 3rd gear and a 5th under the seat. mom sold my car when i went into military 1980 for a mind blowing price of 100 dollars. it still hurts
Like the song but Alice Cooper looks so evil, disgusting!
And they eouldnt let me back in thr house to get the leather jacket
I had the scare on the left side
I warned them i am the million dollar i had everuthing yhey fuvked with it
He is singing of persons with a narcissistic personalty disorder. Not AIDS is the problem its NPS.
Is this song about drug and alcohol abuse?
20,000 people couldn't handle the poison.
The 80s were a killer decade to grow up in.
Best 😊😊😊
I am still having poison in October 2018.. Who else is sharing poison with me? 😍
Lets Say hi to ''aleyna tilki'' generations
why there always have to be a woman on a video clip? Ho I get it. To distract humanity.
I say good job
esto si es rock chido !!!!!!!!!!