Alphaville - Forever Young ~Official Video

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Alphaville - Forever Young ~Official Video

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Alphaville - Forever Young ~Official Video Want some variety in your everyday music playlist? Follow the link posted below to check out Kantolomba's new single "Luba Man"! Go check it out, it would mean a lot! Cheers.
Hay quá 🤗
22 mil losers deslikes
Música linda!
Always Sunny in Philadelphia brought me here .
One of the best Doctor Who episodes ever!
Still listening 2018
esta huea, es EL MANSO TEMA :D
I'm almost 18 and this song is so meaningful to me, yesterday I was hanging out with my closest friends, we somehow ended up a bit drunk in the ground laughing and singing until my friend decided to put this song and we ended up singing our lungs out. I've never felt that happy in my life, I just hugged them and felt so lucky, I really want to keep that moment in my mind forever. I know adolescence can be a really confusing and hard stage in life but I'm almost coming out of it and I can truly say these past few years have been so meaningful and full of emotion. How amazing it really is to be this age and be able to love so strongly and purely and to be able to scream your lungs out with friends and to feel freedom and to feel sadness and to come in terms with who you are. It's a beautiful stage in life and I believe it will be hard for me to accept at some point I'll get to the end of it.
Wish I was forever young!!!!! Reminds me of a carefree time , good times .
makes me so sad... beautifully sad
a fantastic cover
Who would say They are form Germany! ☺
Me encanta esta canción
Me gusta la música
The views counter is only counting the times i have reloaded the song!?