Andrea Bocelli I Sarah Brightman - Time to say goobye,

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Andrea Bocelli I Sarah Brightman - Time to say goobye,

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Andrea Bocelli I Sarah Brightman - Time to say goobye, January. 16th

Shogun. Post. Five

Lions. Club. International. Member


We. Collect. ESPECIALLY. In. Fall. Easter. Time. Funds. For. Poor. Eye. Glasses. Eye. Operations. Blind. Services. For. Blind. People. Ear. Hearing. Aids. Deaf. services

Used. Eye. Glasses. Nice

World. Wide

Hey. Business. Churches. Put. Collection. Boxes. Glasses. Funds. Either. Both. Everywhere

Get. Blessing. If. Will

Behind. In. My. Dues. Anybody. Want. Secretly. Pay. Them

Grady. Lee. Fitzgerald. III

Years. Behind. Big. Concern. Mine

Have. Clinics. free. All. Over. Wotld. Poor. People. Get. This. Stuff. Glasses

One. Big dream. Mine

Lots. Nice. Apartment. Villages. For. Blind. Who. Choose. Live. Together. Blind. Recreation. centers. Nice. heated. Pool. Them. Therapy. center. Those. Going. Blind. Learn. Skills. Braille. to. Help. Them. In. Life

All. run. By. Yhem.

And. Volunteers. They. Accept

Endowment. Finds. They. Run. Administer. Lots. Cash

All. For. Them. By. Yhem

Get. Blessed. Help. Yhe. Blind. Snd deaf

Start. Lions. club. Near. You

Y DIOS los creo Varón y mujer ....idea original de EL
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Very good. love to feel the music
Dr. Oetker Pizza Ristorante 👍🏻🍕. Best Italian pizza ever!
When Western Civilization is collapsing and you're saying goodbye.
I remember the first time I saw The Stepbrothers with Will Ferrell and they started the intro to this song, I was totally shocked! trasmette musica classica
To je sila !
Como não amar? ❤ é simplesmente lindo
I no its time to long fooks in time whe meet again....!
Beautiful, absolutely wonderful so awe inspiring and such great voices! I am overwhelmed by this performance, such talented people! I'm blown away! Wow!
Magnifico 🇮🇹🇮🇹
Show show show!°' thumbs downers must be tone deaf ... .. .