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Apple Mac Music Video

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Apple Mac Music Video Came to check if this video was still up. It actually introduced me to the bird and the bees. Got to see them live too!
Do again
It looks like girl possess typical american facial features
a ppc would of froze if they tryed this on their
I come back to this video waaaaayyyy too often since like 2011
I remember watching this video when I was 7. Man, it's been so long...
Classic video! This brings me back to the golden era of Youtube where there was little to no censorship. :)
This is the perfect video to show how limited a mac is. A PC can piss out these videos and play all the games released these days. Tell me again how wonderful your macs are?
ugh this music video was burned in my brain, i thought i imagined it for years til i saw this again
Glad I found this, make's me forget all my stupid Problems
my friend shared this video to me shortly after you released it and ever since then it has held a place on my mac desktop. ICONIC
this is why mac is good for musik vids wait how is it 07:09 its too dark AHHHH'
I'm here because of Dr Buckles
7 years after first discovering this, and I still love the song, the video (and knowing the tedious work that went into making it), and my silly iCrush on the lovely lipsyncer actor hasn't abated. And I still say Apple was foolish for
not grabbing up this video and using it like crazy.
You did a great job on this, Dennis Liu.
Still one of my favorite videos on youtube
Perfect! letra e musica simples, mas a edição do vídeo é realmente foda!
I wonder if you could record your entire digital life to watch back just before die?
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