Ariana Grande - Everyday (Lyric Video) ft. Future

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Ariana Grande - Everyday (Lyric Video) ft. Future

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Ariana Grande - Everyday (Lyric Video) ft. Future This is literally just a song about how she gets fucked everyday,where and whenever....
I love you so much Ariana. I'm a fan since 22/05/17 because you're so brave. Since that day I wanted to know everything about you, I spent all my nights learning new things about you and I ended up becoming a fan of this person so funny so kind so beautiful so brave and so talent I love you from the bottom from my heart ♡
Ai loc you songs moranda whac he's et♡
I like her hair and her voice is omg😄😄😄😄😅☺☺☺☺☺
<3 3:08 <3
a awesome dab ari better than mine
el que sea español y le guste Ariana grande y está celoso de Mac Miller que le dé a like.
Good shit, am i only one that thought about drugs?
After the Attack i don't listen the same way :( #prayformanchester <3
algum brasileiro lendo agora??
Why would any parent bring their child to see and hear this Vile Satanic Whore ???
So here we have a 23-yr-old woman acting like an 8-yr-old while she sings a filthy pornographic nursery rhyme. And who is her target audience - 10-yr-olds who don't realise what a calculating, manipulative, cynical whore this woman is. What absolute garbage.
i Love you 😘💗
People I'm also very shocked at the event in Manchester #PrayForManchester but .... Everything has to happen in your time !! I believe that in a while we will be able to find out this enormous wound and pray asking Deys to comfort everyone and to force Aryan to shine even more, and to show that God has helped her to overcome all this and that we will believe in better days !!
I love watching it so much and I love it
eu não falo inglês e nem intendo essa música mas eu gosto da cantora e da música