Ariana Grande - Focus (Lyric Video)

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Ariana Grande - Focus (Lyric Video)

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Ariana Grande - Focus (Lyric Video) Best
Selena:- With my feelings on fire guess I'm a bad liar

Justin:- what do you mean?

Ariana:- Focus on me

Justin:- I'm sorry ,yeah!

Selena:- I'm so sick of that same old love

Justin:- If I was your boyfriend

Ariana:- Focus on me

Justin:- I'm sorry, yeah!

Ariana:- Breakup with your girlfriend yeah yeah cuz I'm bored.

Shawn:- Cuz I Can CHEAT You Better That He Can

Lmao I hope you liked it xD
What I heard focus only not focus on me
her first explicit song 😂😂😂
People might find the guy's rap part annoying. But personally I found the rap made the song interesting.
What does she say at 2:31 in a quieter more high pitched voice? I've been trying to figure it out for a while and it's really bothering me😂
I 💖 this song
I love her hair
omg i love how she said one swear word back then and ppl freaked out and now she swears on like every song lmfao
J adors ❤️I like ❣️❤️💋Focus a man😂
My favorite song!! Like
Listen to the bart baker parody then watch this...
2019? F0CU5 0N M3
I. Write.the. World s wrong. But. Leave her. Love. Ari
Have. You never. Herd someone. Swearing leave. Ari. When. You. Be. 24 you. Will. Swear. So lime. Leave. Her. I. Let's be. Ari you. Are. The. World. To. Me. I. Love. You so. Much
Still looks like a 12 year old...
I love this song
2:46 for high note
I’m your biggest fan .