Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Official)

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Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Official)

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Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Official) 2018
Its rile
this video lowkey gave 5th grade me anxiety
Valorando está joyita desde siempre,🖤🖤
0:31 she says "stop it" doesn't even try to go out of the car and he says "don't get out of the car" and she goes out of the car, lol XD it looks too fake
2018? Thank u next
That's Robbie Shapiro from VICTORIOUS!
the music is really awesome <3
i LOVE this❗️
in sad now who is to
i love you michaila joanna cogo
Who's be here in December 2018?
Why is it NOW that everyone is seeing that the guy at the end of the video is Matt Bennett
My favorite song 2015-MyLive.
Did that actually happen
The best song ever ❤️
two sad meanings

the Manchester event 😭

dystopian future
Ariana all thoughs people😿😿😿☹️☹️
0:32 don't get out of the car.Ariana hell yeah lol