Arkells - Drake's Dad

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Arkells - Drake's Dad

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Arkells - Drake's Dad Nice Witchshark shirt
This actually makes me want to go to Memphis
Toronto Represent!
what a scam
Great tune
honky tonk :P
This is fucking trash.
Arkells are usually great but this is seriously AWFUL.
He's so short
I'm feeling this one
What's with the dislikes? This is one of the best songs off their new album.
Why so many dislikes? Lol this song is pretty damn good.
Saw these guys at Laurier last Tuesday. They were amazing live
This song isn't very good
I heard about this band from my Canadian friend and i was checking them out, was really surprised this song takes place on Beale Street since i live 20 minutes from it in Memphis
Can you imagine if this song got nominated for a grammy and the winner is.... Drake's Dad lmao!!!
racist. A bunch of white people touring a black poor neighbourhood just for fun. Oh look poor blacks, lets make a song.
Fun tune & video, but my fave arkells song will always be "Kiss Cam", I still bump Michigan Left like no ones business ✌🏾️
You planning any 2017 Vancouver shows? I think a show there would be just the bees knees sir