ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Let it Sleep (Official Music Video)

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ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Let it Sleep (Official Music Video)

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ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Let it Sleep (Official Music Video) 2:25 holy fuck
I miss Denis being in AA 😢
Dennis volta
Dennis eres el mejor :"v
Such a furious opening track. The relentlessness of this song really sets the tone for the album.
What if u can't let it sleep?
Amazing as always
Krl man 💕😹
I miss denis...
7u7 ♡♡♡♡
Ugh I miss him
Mantap band sikok ini...kapan konser ke Palembang oi kito tunggu ye
Im in love with this song
Amo está música <3
Denis looks evil and triggered.
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i miss denis ):
Let it sleep..
denis brought back the "old" AA (which honestly i prefer) but new danny is still good. theres not much he can do with damaged vocal chords. he forced to change it up.