ASKING ALEXANDRIA - The Black (Official Music Video)

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ASKING ALEXANDRIA - The Black (Official Music Video)

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ASKING ALEXANDRIA - The Black (Official Music Video) This sucks lol
Esto mis amigos es Asking Alexandria!!
Ben's singing omfg
это божественно
where is danny?
Bring back Denis!
Denise Is hot but I missed my baby danny so much glad he's back!
This is probably the only song that made this album great. The rest trash. Denis is a back stabbing piece of shit. And Danny is the better vocalist. Like denis was so bad he lip sang at his live shows. Where danny has true talent. Yall aren't true fans if u want dennis back. Fuck yall
Who still listen 1995???
Alex Harrison, Channa Mae
Babe remember when we conquered the WORLD and showed OFF
40 million reached
2018 and u guys still arguing bout Denis
this was my first AA song😍 still in love
Oh, it's crazy
40 008 874 views is a big number, thanks to everyone, thanks to Denis and all the askings
it was the best time in my opinion
i luv you
Denis is very gorgeous! :heart_eyes:
Love this song 😆😆😆
Why is Denis so damn beaucoup agh I think my ovaries exploded