Avicii - Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora

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Avicii - Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora

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Avicii - Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora 2k19? :”)
He was so talented! Why he had to go so quickly from this Earth???? 😭😭😭
◢ ◤ 2019 💖💕
AVCII i love you forever
Listening to this song in headphones while high is the best feeling❤🇰🇪🌻💮
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AVICCI ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
RIP Avicii 😥😭
I love avicii 4ever ♡♤
RIP - 2019 🎧
Best song ever... :') Miss u... Tim.
Valentine's day 2019 anyone?
Now this song gets deeper
Dunia Punya Cerita, yang bawa gw kesini, yg sama reply komen ku ..
as a gardener, he chooses the most beautiful flowers in his first.

the gardener is reaper and flowers are artists..
Takie gwiazdy jak Avicii nigdy nie zniknął z naszych serc, do tego momentu kiedy będziemy słuchać jego piosenek to do tego momentu będziemy go pamiętać 😊❤