Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Official Video)

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Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Official Video)

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Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Official Video) Amazing song loved it 🔥
Will there be another single before the album is released this year?
I always hear this amazing song on the radio.
i had no idea this was the backstreet boys
I feel so happy when i see this guy's together again😭😍 make me cry😭😍
Is it safe to say that “Backstreet is back?”...this is one of their better songs in years. It’s being played on satellite radio in good rotation. Hope this song breaks them out in the US again. This goes to prove that hard work and continuous grinding evening through slumps pays off👍🏾
I always loved the way they harmonize an complement each other's voice
the best I love
OMG I'M FANGIRLING AGAIN after all these years haha!
Batendo cartão, agosto 2018 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
My brother and my sister in law seen these guys in Vegas for their 1st anniversary
big tune
They were better before now it weird because their like 40 50
They either got worst or something
Back from the grave!
зачем косить под тимберлейка?
Love the song hate the screen because it keeps freezing up on me.
40+ years old guys singing something about "Love" with easily... I mean, don't get me wrong... It's perfectly okay to sing a song that kinda had a young vibe like in this present music style, but isn't they too old for this? I mean, don't get me wrong too, they look fabulous for someone who's like 40+ ish years old, they look like about to hit 30 or below of it, but still... Plus, they already married, right? Better singing something else, maybe something like... I dunno, maybe about their life journey and family? I mean, look at Adam Levine, he's not a legend, a total arrogant/overreacted/overrated man in real life, yet still succeeded in making a song about women in general which was aimed to his wife, named "Girls like you"... I wish Backstreet Boys still had some dignity left (I didn't say that this group's dignity is gone) in it rather than following the trend like normal comeback band does do.
Love all bsd
Still got it!!! 😍