Barbarian Masters #40 | Making the Truth | Total War Shogun 2 Otomo Campaign NLP

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Barbarian Masters #40 | Making the Truth | Total War Shogun 2 Otomo Campaign NLP

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Barbarian Masters #40 | Making the Truth | Total War Shogun 2 Otomo Campaign NLP 10:10 Congratulations Devin! you have invented scouting!
Having Yoshishige for a father must be ....intresting.
Constantly entertaining and riveting, the Shikoku plot has really heated things up for the Otomo boys, keep it going Devin!
It seem not only Yoshishige is fail his expedition to be Shogunate by loss in his first shikoku battle,but Tsugutsura is fail his expedition to be Shogunate by losing his troop with reckless.But Nagamori is aware of these situation and know their army's loss have weakness despite being slacker.
Did I hear Yoshishige has clone soldiers? Yoshishige = Sith Lord confirmed!!!
Almost 20k finally you deserve to have more though
Press F for the nanban Poortucheese soldiers.
Devin I have watched your chanel for a while nad I was impressed by your Narriko NLP and I know to that you now have a lot of series but I want to give you an idea for future.There is a Napoleon war mod for mount and blades warband and you can maybe do a Monte Cristo series and searching for holy grail and I the end making some count in Italy and helping Napoleon.
I was kinda surprised when I started watching a video of KingsandGenerals and noticed it’s your second Channel.
Yay, vassals FTW! #TeamOtomo

While the Catholic Shogunate expands into the Kanto and Shikoku, loyal vassals spring up in rewarded fiefs, from the Ishida and the Seki, into the Rokkaku, the Kono, and the Hojo (help me if I'm wrong on whoever's the vassal in Izu, Devin), they are the Catholic tozama daimyo to the Otomo just as the vassals of the Tokugawa have. And if any enemy clans survive your campaign, they are the fudai then.
What is the name of the purple clan they seem to be quite badass?
Yoshishige is such a dick even the Buddhists want to fight him. When you manage to piss those guys off you must be doing something wrong haha
Am I the only one who wants Kobayakawa to be Shogun? Both Tsugutsura and Yoshishige are a bit to the extreme on opposite sides of the spectrum (one Anti-Nanban and the other one obsessively Pro-Nanban) though I have to admit among the two I'd definitely prefer Tsugutsura, but Kobayakawa seems like the most cool-headed, reasonable, experienced and not only that but he is also humble, something that in my opinion both Princes lack. He reminds me of a sort of Rommel in the world of Hitler and.....well if Hitler had an extremist Rival I guess.

But that's my opinion
'Those peskie monks, in defiance. Had they have no shame!?
Here is update of Otomo generals's appearance and looks just like Koei style:
1.Yoshishige Otomo:facial:
2.Koreshige Otomo:facial: but his hair is black and armor is remain same in that image.
3.Suketada Otomo:facial and armor:
4.Sukekada Otomo:facial: as without war armor and mask but he is black bair.European armor: but samurai custom made.
5.Tsugutsura Otomo:facial: but without eye mask
6.Nagayori Otomo:facial:
7.Chikaharu Kobayakawa:facial:his image in 20:29 but as younger age
8.Shigenobu Unno:facial: but his hair is black and moustache is same in that image
9.Nagamori Kurokawa:facial: but his hair is black without moustache
10.Kamatari Daihoji:facial: but his haircut is number 1 hairstyle,he can wear samurai mask and hair colour is black.
11.Tadatsuna Noda:facial: but his hat(it was first row from left as first floor) and armor: and
Devin,can you do video of show all living Otomo generals in next episode just like Teppou Republic?
What happened to the Nihhon Maru?