Batman Parody: The Dark Knight is Confused. Key of Awesome #8.

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Batman Parody: The Dark Knight is Confused. Key of Awesome #8.

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Batman Parody: The Dark Knight is Confused. Key of Awesome #8. Ayo after all these years I return to see key of aws me videos
2019 here
I was like 9 when I first watched this😂 this was my childhood 😂
the joker is better than than suicide squad, this is the problem, when i was an actor, they always gave the parts to people that are already established with fame or awards, not someone who’d be more fitting for the part or was more talented at it. that’s why Hollywood and current shows failing to pull the crowds in, you can’t even write a good script and just meet the powers to be, it’s all a closed system, even singers got to be an initiated witch to sing these days, they’ve lost nearly trillions so far.
2019 ;)
Morgan Freeman believed in freedom. Tapping the phones went against that.

It Dent was known to be responsible, his arrests(hundreds, he took down the mob) would be overturned. After an investigation, he could be caught. A culprit was needed, Joker didn’t fit. They had to use Batman
was everyone in the early 2000s on drugs or something casue thats what it feels like
I... want to agree with the message in the middle -- and the production overall -- but at least most of the questions aren't actually hard to answer...
Any on watching in 2018?
i remember watching this as a kid.
Alfred's already heard one of the stories about how Joker got his scars. He was in the same room when it happened
0:51-1:10 Damn Batman can sing.
I've seen this video so many times, and this is the first time I realized that Mark is playing all the parts!
This is 8 years old....I suddenly feel old.
Ahhh man the nostalgie
All these years later, people would lynch you for saying anything bad about The Dark Knight, especially pointing out plot holes that actually exist!
I remember watching this the first time it came out... Ahhh, childhood...
0:51 best part