Beyoncé - Haunted

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Beyoncé - Haunted

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Beyoncé - Haunted Я русский а вы пидорасы
I am a black star do you see me yet
Starts at 1:53 thank me later 💗
hay de todo un poquito muybuenos artistas de cultura pintores es muy cencillito pero muy bueno estare ahí
hay pintura de artistas excividas en jardín hodalgo al al  lado del mercado coyoacan ciudad de mexico en el país de mexico
Actually I love your voice
You can see Madonna's influence on this video
Beyonce is a demonic, MK Ultra, Witch.
It's copied from Madonna's 'Hollywood' and 'Justify my Love'. 👎👎👎
Gente dêem uma visita no meu canal please💛
es linda beyonce pero lo q significa este video es q ella pertenece a esos iluminatis donde nosotros vemos todo lo q ellos producen por television y demas medios de comunicacion, vemos todo lo porno, diabolico, programas familiares, gente adicta a drogas, etc.nosotros consumimos todo eso.
The jump scare made me watch the video a lot of times to train myself for it
Quien habla español???
beyonce is so pretty she should try modeling she made a lot of good songs she was on some movies but she was never a model
Okay so here’s a little theory about this music video.... I think it’s about how Beyoncé knows and sees everything going on in he industry but doesn’t speak on it. You see how she’s walking through the hallways looking into the rooms and seeing all the weird shit but she completely ignores it.
Хто русский!? Лайк
The intro was so looooong
MJ would have liked this!!! I would’ve taken the sexy out and made it creepier, but I don’t think you can do that to Beyoncé. She looks beautiful in anything lol.
Elon Musks’ mother is in this vid