Beyoncé - Haunted

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Beyoncé - Haunted

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Beyoncé - Haunted She so right
Im on to you
You must be onto me
Its where we go. Its where we'll be
Its what you see
Why did she light the cigarette?
Agora somos 56 milhões,comentário da rádio cipó!
How did a 5-minute music video execute the "scary sexy hotel" concept better than AHS could in an entire season?
America's wickedness. Y'all just don't know what be going in those Hollywood parties. I feel for you bey #getout #Dontgointheroom
Every time I look at Beyoncé I realize how ugly I am 😢
2018 music lucifer
wow! <3
Pemuja setan
I Live Again Beyonce!
So she take one puff of the cigarette and just put it out like that????? And not even outside, stinking the place and shit. Pure disrespect to all smokers out there.
this song is actually underrated:(
okay im never going to sleep.