Beyoncé - Haunted

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Beyoncé - Haunted

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Beyoncé - Haunted This a piece of GARBAGE. Pop culture is killing the good American values.
Can somebody explain me this video..?
4:42- 4:43 Beyonce from telephone makes a cameo
illumunati pupet
Such passionate emotion in this video.....always amazing beyonce.....much love
Demonic as fuck. And no, this isn't Art. This screams fear, pain, & evil. Smh.
Lucifer promises to make you a god. He is the father of lies.
everthing is this video is to Madonna right? too much similar things
Omggggg I can’t believe I just thought of this! What if this is the last part of the “telephone” series of songs with gaga and bey! So it starts with Paparazzi where gaga goes to jail. Then in telephone where beyonce bails gaga out of prison and they poison everyone at the diner. Then in Lady Gaga’s song “aura” where Gaga “kills her former and leaves her in the trunk on highway 10” and her former could be Beyoncé! Then haunted is the final part where beyonce is dead and is haunting the mansion where gaga poisoned her boyfriend! Idk if this is true or not but it was just a theory I thought if while reading comments! ❤️
Whenever there is a uprise of blackmen/blackwomen, there comes this ridicilous self pro-claimed Christian tryin to bring them down with shit like Subminals and Illuminati. Sick people. Wht yall tryna proof here? Just bcz shes talented, shes getting accused for being a member of illuminati, possesed by demons? She can do it bcoz she been doin it since she was a child. People like you are the demon , faking everythin up for ntg but ur belief.! GTH :)
Why am I just now watching this in 2018?!?!?!?
1:55 starts
This video is so scary
50 shades of Gray,,,
Selbstbehauptung 🇷🇴
This is still my favorite even in 2018👄
Genuinely no clue what’s happening but is bloody good so who cares