Beyoncé - Haunted

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Beyoncé - Haunted

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Beyoncé - Haunted September, 2018 ✔
if anything beyonce is underrated cos this music video does not get enough attention also does anyone else think this should have been ahs hotels opening credits
this song...the deep, drawing, unforgettable desire it brings out is heartbreaking yet it makes me want to live to feel again!
Fernanda subí el video de jimin y jungkook por favor que no lo tenfo
Какая-то демоническая херня и бредятина
All the grumpy old hags in the comments are like "oMg thIs i S sataniC IllumiNati!1!"
And I'm like lol, it's just about sex and maturity. This song was very risky and raunchy, but it succeeded in the dropbox because of it's bluntness; it's about the art of S&M or BDSM. It's very mesmerising, kind of like a dark fucked up lullaby. I just imagine the whole hotel smelling like ass and vanilla
Can you see Lady Gaga?^^
Brasil 🇧🇷?
50 Shades Of Hell
I wanna throw holy water on her ...demonic demonic demonic!!!
Uma homenagem a "Justify My Love"... Gente ela tá igualzinha a Madonna na era Erotica! a diva Beyoncé homenageando a Rainha da música Pop ! ! ! 👑
Who are 3 6 9's handlers?
Where is The Mafla?
She always has the best dances ever like everyone she does matches her music and the tone of the song perfectly she does so good who else has such good dances in there music or performances as beyonce and who else looks as good as her doing them lol
Watch this video backwards you will see what this whole video is about she is talking directly to the devil the video has satanic messages through the whole thing don't believe me watch the video backwards and see for yourself!!!
sorry i dont think this her style
i love it
So beautiful, I luv it.
Yes you are haunting me even in 2018