Beyoncé - Partition (Explicit Video)

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Beyoncé - Partition (Explicit Video)

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Beyoncé - Partition (Explicit Video) Get u a loyal girl that can be classy on the outside and sexy at home
I love this song
Muito sexy, que mulher❤❤❤❤
I love the French part
Reap my blouse
Dang beyonce
still fresh
This is her sexiest song and video in my opinion. LOVE this song!
Pabllo Vittar- Minaj
I Love you mom
3:05 u can see nip
Hate her wig, but I love this song!!!
Thought I was straight, then I watched this..straight isn’t a word in my vocabulary anymore
She’s my queen 👸🏻
Love this song!!
One of the most hottest video of all the time
Just love