Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts (Video)

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Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts (Video)

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Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts (Video) 2018???😀😍
Ouvindo em 2018 ?? Alguém..♪
Eso sí que es una mujer como ejemplo a seguir ,como inspiración
Essa música é linda 😍
i’ve already cried harder than her other songs
A vogue no le gusta esto :v
I love u
this song is iconic
This song was actually under rated for real 😳
she's aweome
2018 ❤👏 BR🇧🇷
This song makes me cry because im ugly and my ex made me insecure
I am a girl So I can see your heart
One of my faves
I'm not a big fan of bey, but this song. Daaamn
That's a message from Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian
even though this song is old for you girls and boys who wish to enter the entertainment world! it does not matter if it is sports, pageants, music, acting you name it! LISTEN TO HER! SHE IS TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT SHE HERSELF EXPERIENCED MANY TIMES! the entertainment world as a whole including the music industry and Hollywood is a hard world!! she is warning you girls and boys about what you're going to experience at the hands of ruthless casting directors, agents, managers choreographers and many other people who see you only as a product to make money! if you don't have tough skin then don't even think of becoming famous because this hard world will break you!
She's prettier than the Winner
Just the song for me💔😥