Beyoncé - Sandcastles

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Beyoncé - Sandcastles

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Beyoncé - Sandcastles What headphones is she using?!?!?
Thanks for posting...
chills, tears, queen bey
I just find it sad that she cudnt respect herself to walk away from a man who cheated on her for 11years just because she was desperate for that happy home 😔love the song though
This is one of my all-time favorite song by her. The other one is "I miss you" from her album '4'. Sadly both are underrated.
That raspyness is actually pretty good too
your heart is broken
Cause I walked away
Show me your scars
And I won't walk away, Ooh
And I know I promised
Show, Linda Voz.
I couldn't stay...
Beyonce deserves better. Jay ain't going to change
Tears 😭
Every promise don't work out that way
exactly a year ago 2 days ago, and I'm still cryin'
soon an I saw jay in the video this became real. its beautifully sad....
Até morta é linda <3
She sings like a angel. Her voice is of a author, a writer. Beyonce you have come such a long way and i thank you for being talented and special. Ps: the begging sounds like a church song 😂