Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love

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Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love

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Billy Idol - Cradle Of Love What an I'll mannered young lady, obviously a latch key child. She disturbed that nice chap who was just trying to get some work done. She annoyed him with her boisterous music and destroyed his art work. Then she basically sexually assaults him and then abruptly leaves without cleaning up after herself, it's ridiculous
Imagine this but as an SNL sketch and instead of the cassette it's just Billy Idol by himself singing with no accompaniment in the corner.
I always thought the girl in the video was super pretty this is my fucking song always has been since I was a little girl
It sounds a lot like a T Rex song, almost like some sort of tribute, and that's a good thing.
Oh yeah, this is music not the shit nowadays!
Billy and David Fincher director.. Not a bad team, is it? Cool
God protect billy idol we loose him
We are all fucked
I used to splooge on the carpet whenever this came on MTV. then again I used to stain the carpet to She-Ra cartoons.
This happens to me all of the time
Cute, ^_^.
Voll die geile Musik😊 Habe das schon längst vergessen😉
I swear this song is the only thing that gets me energized enough to get myself out of bed every morning.
I am upset with my generation, what are we doing, we can even enjoy life and make music like this. All we do is Text Text Text and watch Beyone and Rhiannon show us the devil then suddenly they dissapear, ,WTF Is there anyone that can be cool and make a video and music like they use to.. . .. WTF GO ONto Hell Devil Whorshipers,,,you can even make sound anymore.
Lmao pussy, if that girl come over here and did that crap at my place she'd be pregnant the the next day!
0:51 skończyli pierdolić, i zaczęła się piosenka ;v
alguém Brasileiro aqui?
I will always love this song and video!!!
Now that was a stupid video... pure 80's style silly non-sense. Though we learned that it was released in '90. lol
Billy Idol is still Amazing, Sexy and Rocking it! 🤘 Seeing the cassette tape 😂