Billy Joel - A Matter of Trust (Official Video)

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Billy Joel - A Matter of Trust (Official Video)

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Billy Joel - A Matter of Trust (Official Video) I like he is playing a guitar instead of a piano. "Do we have an eleventh button?" Does anybody notice that lady in the background that is yelling at Billy to shut up? This song is over 32 years old amazing!
Is that Nik Kershaw? 3:58
billy what can i say about u. the stranger is the tops
1.5 Million bankrupted NGO's are way too many spots on a Leopard, Billy Joel. It is a Matter of Trust to adjust without hurting the Dollar Index. Some learn to adjust then it is a Matter of Trust.
These 1.5 Million NGO's that have adjusted started the spiraling downfall of our Dollar Index that effected your FED FUND RATE INCREASE. Billy Joel. It is a Matter of TRUST.
Yup, Billy Joel there is 1.5 Million NGO's resisting for-profits corporations BUY filing massive bankruptcies. These 1.5 Million NGO's are unsustainable and no government intervention can help these NGO's.
Video number 1:11 your dad is eye flirting right back at your mom. Alexa Joel.
Alexa Joel, your mom and dad were still very much inlove in this Matter of Trust video. Your mom was eye flirting with your dad, Alexa. This is your video, Alexa Joel.
Your trust flew out the window when your Capital Records did not yield any returns after Reagan and you and Christie started roaming around.
New York way better city back then, cheaper, less drugs, studio 54, less racism, more American spirit than this global crap style it’s become.. I’m on old Brooklyn boy, it’s not the same anymore it’s less Italian which is a shame as other nations communities have taken some of the market share from Brooklyn..
He was in his prime there. And so happy too seeing Kristie in some shots.saw him live w/Elton. Was so awesome!
Perfect! Billy forever!
Antes asi le cantaba un hombre a una mujer...y con voz de hombre.
Oy mate, happy birthday!
Que belleza de tema. Ese ritmo que lleva
I agree he is
nice gold top les paul
Huey Lewis 2:01.