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blink-182 - Josie

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blink-182 - Josie 3:07 When your mom calls you by your full name and you run to her recollecting all the mistake you did on your mind
travis look different here....
marks facial expressions are everything
Who's watching in I don't give a fuck what year your watching in?
Tom and Mark wouldve been awesome characters in some oldschool slapstick party movies
lobe this song,, they always had the funniest videos.. i miss blink 182
it sounds like Fighting dreamers from Naruto xd
The best record by far
who saw the little kid
this is the most unprofessional and amateur music ive ever heard, fucking classic
Isnt that the fat dude from Hard Times Of RJ Burger ?
Travis looks so different here
I grew up listening to this
Wish I went to highschool in the 90s.
i love this video
Thinking about dying my hair purple now, thoughts?
Is it just me or does Mark resemble a more confident Chandler Bing that started a punk band and Tom a slightly less insane Ace Ventura? No wonder i love blink, its pure 90's culture. To boot, Scott depicts the essence of every kid in that era
1:39 Look Scoot's face to the right 😂😂
The end of this video is fucking gold