blink-182 - Josie

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blink-182 - Josie

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blink-182 - Josie This drummer was better. -not Sarah this is Tony (I’m the drummer from Patterns Of Decay)
Mark looks like Filthy Frank on the thumbnail XD
Anyone else wondering wtf that little kid is doing in a high school cafeteria at 2:09 bottom right corner
❤Alyssa Milano❤
Disneypunk may as well have a laugh track.
back when dying your hair was badass and not a trait of a retarded sjw
Anyone heard Chris Burrow’s cover of this? On This is a Robbery’s self titled album. It’s an amazing cover
Mark Hoppus looks like Filthy Frank in the thumbnail
dumb question but is that alyssa millano?
Their videos are so relatable
Um dos melhores clips de todos os tempos👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍The best clip👍👍👍👍👍Brazil
This is pretty much my entire high school experience. Lookin like a dork, trying to impress the hot girl...... the closest thing to fat dude hitting on me tho was when I accidently spilled water on a dude who out weighed me by 84 lbs and was 6 ft tall...... I dont remember what happened after but I woke up in the nurses office and I couldn't see out of my left eye..... good times.
Cool hair tomark .
It's kind of aggravating and depressing to know that no matter whether Tom gets back with the band or if Matt stays, that its never going to be the same again regardless. Matt's vocals on California were pretty fucking dope, but over all I'd still say that it's my least favorite album right above Buddha. It was horribly lazy. Neighborhoods wasn't lazy at all, it was just an attempt to give blink something new that it hadn't done before, and I love the album regardless of whether it should have been blink's name on it or not. I honestly think they should have broken up the band after Tom left again.

Then there's Green Day who should have quit making music a decade ago lol
The Slick.
It's interesting to see what my school looks like nearly two decades ago. Most of the trees have been cut down, different looking cafeteria in place and there's an entirely new stadium now.
I relate to this...
Travis Barker is so changed hahahaha