blink-182 - Josie

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blink-182 - Josie

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blink-182 - Josie Remember when Blink-182 used to be a punk band? Fuck Travis Barker...
Aside from being a talented musician, Tom is a great comedian.
90s has to be the coolest decade ever...
That guy who got the love letter and pats Marks head is my hero.
Tom was actually a pretty good skate boarder.
That minute the majority of people realize that high school was so much fun lol
Graduated in 2003!
Literally my high school years. bleached hair lol
they need to play this song again...
Was he. Was he pushing... mongo?!
when i die, my ashes are going to be pressed into a vinyl with this song on it, so my wife knows that this song will be eternally for her
The dyed hair and sunglasses combo. Reminds me of the Punk Rawk Show video.
My Cat is named Josie because of this song.
the anthem to the guy who his bitch is cheating on him
he looks like filthy frank in the thumbnail
wtf thats my fucking high school no joke
I know this came out around '99, but everything in this video seemed late 80's/early 90's. Good times all the same...
I get American Pie from this music video 🤘

And the funniest part! The way Tom runs 😋 3:09
They were better when mark sang most of their songs, Toms a douchebag drama queen.