blink-182 - Josie

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blink-182 - Josie

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blink-182 - Josie HIUDASHDISAUHD
Great song!!
That moment when you realize they say "Everything's gonna be fine" not "Everything's gonna be fun"
my name is josie
Best line up
Is it wrong if I say I prefer Scott than Travis?
This song facking depress me
I like ot so moch
5, nearly 6 years ago my younger sister had a girl baby and called her josie/ Josephine rose Elise. Lol.. She's a pumpkin 🌹
This is my redeeming quality in life.
I am Dumb. Here I thought it was " And No Better Beef Cake" smh :(
it's 2017 and I'm still stuck here
The best part is when tom runs after mark falls. Everytime i piss myself
Marks face when the guy looks back at him with the love note😂
Another high school video.
Scott <3
Mark is the best in their music videos. So dramatic, he should have tried acting. But I love him.
I love this.
Tom is so hot here omg