Blu Cantrell - Breathe

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Blu Cantrell - Breathe

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Blu Cantrell - Breathe Back in the day a always said she has gorgeous eyes so sexy and now a realised its all edited.
this is from the year I meet my ex what a good music to bad it was over to soon😥
Femme au volant...
Altas Nostalgia essa musica .
still love how it uses the "whats the difference" from dre's 2001 bass line.
Stop acting crazy
Ft sean paul???
benny banasi dale zamında her yerdeydi bu şarkıda onlardan biri
I'm here for "The power of habit "👍
dutty yeah
Still love this some 2017 ❤️
She is beautiful!!
Eminem took samples with this music to "So Bad" but It doesnt change that Em is a lyrical genius #despicableme3
Did she just put that poor Merc's gearbox to parking, as if she was shifting gear at 1:06 :D :D :D
Algum BR assistindo 06/2017 ?
Despicable Me 3 Anyone?
i love you