BMW M4-Crazy Moscow City Driving (zelimkhanshm)

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BMW M4-Crazy Moscow City Driving (zelimkhanshm)

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BMW M4-Crazy Moscow City Driving (zelimkhanshm) Need For Speed: Cyka Blyat
его разве не в тюрму посадили?
вау эта чо такое дрыи
Россияне, где же ваше патриотизм!? Почему вы не ездите на отечественных машинах. Приора например. Чем она хуже немецких машин? Эх вы.....
1:31 that gtr tho
relay you and your cars is my hero :D
what's the next song after andru wailin when the bmw starts to play motherfucker street or something steel like that? I am definitely referring to this song when the BMW lights up. I am asking for the title of this song.
Awesome!!! ///M POWER!!!
bmw is my life :D BMW M4 F82 COLOMBIA
Ya know.. this is badass..
But the thing is..... im dirving agera r matafakas😘
If you would drive like this in Germany, your picture would be posted in the newspaper.
The best video I ever seen, the perfect mix between luxury and gang music.
Only if I could afford these beauties.
Carro do meu sonho
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