Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero (Video)

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Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero (Video)

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Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero (Video) Shrek 2
Where's the fairy godmother?
Batalha de lipsync - SuperDrags LUL
when ves que tu compa va justo a que lo friendzoneen y lo agarras y te lo llevas al skatepark mejor y lo haces olvidar a la friendzoneadora
Love you bonnie tyleer motivation song from Romania kiis you are the best!!!!
shrek :'v
Eu amo a voz dela, puro talento. Ela não precisa mostrar a bunda pra ter sucesso, só abrir a boca. Esse é o tipo de artista que a gente deve seguir.
I like the Shrek version better
Unfortunately im from 1988 and never watched that before today. Damm, so good beat, 80s rules!!! Stranger things, PLEASE PUT THAT SONG IN SEASON 3!!!
god damn this music is my guilty pleasure
When you're waiting for your friend to join the server, while you're getting raided in Rust
omg i need 🏃‍♂️!!!
Watching Glee on Netflix brought me here. Added to Library ✅
im only returning to this because of Netflix's show super drags
Esto sí es música :v ;v
Love this song
super drags ❤🌈
Bonnie :: "" I'm holding out for BDSM 'til the end of the night 2:19 ""