Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO] 26/2/2018
My life XD
amo d +essa música
2018 still likeit
Tommorow I go to school and in the meanwhile I hear this so I can enjoy this weekend before I GO TO FRICKNG SCHOOL
2018 .... 25/02 Alguém 💟💟🔫
2018 ??
The Monkees did too much
420 k comments shit dont know if this is a coincidence or lord is watching me , man what happend to these days just chillin n killin
2019? Lol Get some views Beat despacito!!! You can do it

Remember when you lived in my house
I have a caslol
No entiendo le entiendo ni madres a estos comentarios
N o s t a l g i a
2018 ?
I Bet Bruno mars is a good singer
I would do all the same that Bruno mars
I love it