Bruno Mars - Versace on The Floor [Official Audio]

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Bruno Mars - Versace on The Floor [Official Audio]

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Bruno Mars - Versace on The Floor [Official Audio] I can still listen to this audio but it's hidden!! Really love this song
I wanna be a the top please like got bullied at school and I want to be important for once
wow bruno mars sounds like michael jackson rip michael ;-;
honestly this song sucks

I hear MJ but when he sang "Chandelier" in the beginning, and "Perfect" that lil riff... I got serious Stevie Wonder teas. Mix of both. Gosh he's so talented 😍
This song is why my hubby and i are expecting lol 🤰🏻
Impressive !! keep up the goog work, thanks!
Love it
After seeing the lyrics, I realized how sexual this is lol
Jesus, people!!!! Shut up about how "older music is so much better than this shitty new music" everyone has their own preference. All music is good. Just be lucky you have the Internet that you can listen to older songs on. Enjoy the song, shhhhhhhhhhh
why is this unlisted
Imagine michael jackson singing this song it would be epic
Bruno u sexy bastard...#ladykilla
Beautiful song ❤️🇵🇭
Micheal Jackson vs Bruno Mars
Like a boyz Ⅱ men