Bryan Adams - Heaven

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Bryan Adams - Heaven

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Bryan Adams - Heaven Já escutei diversas músicas ao escutar MTS vezes veio enjoar de tanto escutar...mais essa eu já escutei diversas vezes mais a nostalgia continua a msm sempre levando ao ponto de partida da primeira vez que a escutei 👌👌✍✍
This vid nails it. Nothing but phone screens instead of watching with eyeballs.
melhor música de todos os tempos ,muito linda.
bryan adams is love
Such a nice song! I have no chance of hearing your voice when you made a tour in Germany. Hope tht you would make a tour one again !
This song always gives me chills (in a good way). I love this song so much :')
23:58h. Dia 22/02/2018 ouvindo essa linda música nostalgia........
What an abusive person thinks is the soundtrack to their romantic life. In reality, it’s Animals by Maroon 5
Beauthiful ...
la persona q marco mi vida fue así con estas músicas dedicadas a mi muchas
bryan adams?
Will he ever be mine again❤
Schifo di musica. Finto rock. Meno male che gli anni 80 son finiti. Grazie a Kurt Cobain che ha spazzato via tutta questa merda.
i love the way he says 'heart', just love this song-my favourite by far. Only been in love once in my life but got very badly dumped and hurt and years since that I listen to this song and think of the good times of love I had that were brief and fleeting but easily the happiest times of my life.
Its a awesome song
Muy bella canción .....2018 así pase el tiempo .
This video tho....the low tech nightmare it must have been!!