Bryan Adams - Heaven

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Bryan Adams - Heaven

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Bryan Adams - Heaven Love 😍
😢 i miss you!
Yes Bryan, "...our dreams are coming true." I love HER.
Quien en el 2018 💖💕
Que música top
Damn, I can't believe 33 years has passed already, I was in high school when I heard this song for the first time and I still like it
Me gusta mucho esta canción de los 80's.
this is my history
I remember when this version of this video was in heavy rotation on MTV. Was about 1984/85.
Melhor musica😍👏❤
watching 2018
hermosa cancion 😚😙💚💛💞💔
Vlw mano além De Recordar minha infância ainda Achei a música que eu estava Procurando a um tempão...
They need to upload a better quality version. This is an upload from 2008 in 240p. Audio seems fine to me though

musica linda lembro do meu amor. que ser foi e deixou muita saudades te amo glaylson
Just went to this concert on the weekend.... We WERE in heaven!