Bryan Adams - Heaven

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Bryan Adams - Heaven

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Bryan Adams - Heaven Who came here from Joe Sugg leave a like
I love this song
This brings back so many great can define the good and bad times in our lives. It's funny how I can't remember the names of my classmates but I can remember what I was doing when I used to hear this song on the radio in the 80s.
This is music about real love, not only sex and whatever pop
I love the 80,s I play this song at least once a week..One of my favorite songs!!!
I prefer the DJ Sammy version.
👍 me gusta esta canción
Esa rola todavía la escucho en disco de vinil ee saludos desde meoqui chlh. México
I like it your beautiful voice
Khe bergha
2017 anyone?
Muitas lembranças boas,de volta ao passado
Still a brilliant, brilliant song. Fist saw it Kasey Kasems American Hits. Recorded it on VHS and couldn't stop playing it for months.
This is one of my favourite love songs written by Bryan Adams !
This is one of the best songs from the 80-90 for me, altho I'm 17 but who cares xD this song just has a special touch
Teen years was a blast!
Uma bela música
Escutando em 2017 dia 14 do 09
Makes me sad to see how emotional and rocking those days were compared to now....