Bryan Adams - Heaven

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Bryan Adams - Heaven

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Bryan Adams - Heaven this is 4 stepdaddy Havo
22 July 1970-10 May 2017
bleble ble
In the heaven Avicii :( ♥
그냥 좋다 이유가없다
What a shame that there aren't many songs like this one this days...😕
Can't believe this poser stole this song from DJ Sammy and D/O
The music from my youth. 80s music rocked!
I Love You Bryan Adams ♥ 2018 Brasil
I’m not from this time but good song
Old but gold song! Great years! 👍
Sad because this is the song that we played at my when Grandpa past.
Makes me cry 😍😭😭
Me encanta el chico del televisor
Chega a doer na alma!
I feel such nostalgia listening to this classic by Bryan Adams.  Bryan was such an underrated star from the 1980s.  He would go on to follow up this song with many more massive hits.
This song is inspired by Faithfully of Journey, Happy anniversary today! :)
Muy lindo la canción !!
Damn good song.    Sorry to say most of today's music is pure junk.