Camila Cabello - Never Be The Same

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Camila Cabello - Never Be The Same

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Camila Cabello - Never Be The Same Her voice reaches so deep.. There is a poet soul in her.. Fell in love the second I first heard this.. Makes me feel like I am standing in the rain.. My heart can feel this..
me gusta las músicas de CAMILA
I Luv Ur songs !!
sounds like charli xcx
me encanta esta canción
Heres genial
❤❤❤ :')
Wish this song had a little less effects because it’s beautiful but sounds weird
OH it's try to run! i thought she was saying vagina.
Can't get this beautiful song out of my mind.... I agree with the saying that music can be healing to the soul.. gracias por tu música, Camila - tienes mucho talento. Me encanta tu voz!
Fucking annoying
ouch what a perfect voice
This chick just appeared and it's already full of symbolisms
You're the inspiration for someone. 👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍
is the girl at 4:01 with heart's over her head kathrine Langford bc she sure looks like her
Fetus Camilla Looks So Cute 😭💕
I'm a 30 year old metalhead and I like this song so it must be catchy.