Chance The Rapper ft. Saba - Angels

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Chance The Rapper ft. Saba - Angels

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Chance The Rapper ft. Saba - Angels Dope music awesome Cool good Listen wow powerful best ever real hip-hop chi town
Weird song to lose your virginity to.
I am happier after listening to this
"I ain't change my number since the seventh grade
This for my day one, ten years, seven days"

I waited 2 years to say that. So good to have earned the right to say that.
In the beginning I thought 9/11 was going to happen
Can confirm, Ever since this song came out everyone in Chicago has been doing front flips
Michael Jackson videos are better
2:19 Wakanda Salute
Love Chicago❤️
I’ve been checking out Chance’s music because I heard he’s gonna be in the Cast of the next DreamWorks movie Trolls 2.
I’m surprised they let him film on the train
I figured out where this is because of Watch dogs in Chicago
That guy in the red jacket dancing i think that's the guy mars from she has to have it. Great video chance so inspirational .
I love this he needs to make more like this
Whoever disliked this video, is really showing hatred towards Chance and Chi town😣😣 that's not good at all. BUT HE KNOWS WE ALL LOVE HIM
Angels all around me.
This song made me like chance
Help! My city’s doing front flips!!
Chance just never disappoints 🔥
real dope staff