Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video)

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Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video)

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Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video) literally sounds like the worst broadway music ever made. trash
Don't Do Chance becuz He Got Raspy Vocals Too
I jus wanna let you ppl know Michael Jackson did a team in this same fashion for one his music video's only diff is chance is walking away Michael was running the whole time... wake up ppl
adel and chance on this track would have bin lit
Is there no way to find this version on itunes, this is better than the one available on apple music
Can someone pls tell me who the lady doing the vocals is.. She has an amazing voice..
I love chance the rapper
Like the one on the tape better
Christian life chance, who does the Same drugs no more.
no we don't chance
congratulations ma nigga Chance The Rapper✊💝, BET award winner 2k17
where the rapper at nigga
This song is a goddamn masterpiece in every way.
I love the symbolism. everyone became a puppet to someone or some cause & forgot who they were. his drug is happiness & being able to be proud of staying true to himself instead of following suit & conforming to someone else's plan.

gotta respect. much love chance, keep going the way you are 😊
the hell?!?
Is this a real song? I keep feeling like this is a parody or something lmao.
this song is kind of drug for me lol am i the only one?