Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video)

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Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video)

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Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video) The voice of the girl's singer in the duet its amazing,if someone knows her name pls wrote cuz wanna see her music too.
Beautiful music by Chance. It is such a shame that this art can not be purchased. I realise streaming works for a lot of people but some music just deserves to respected the old fashioned way.
So unfortunate the "puppet's" voice wasn't used on the album version, I like this version better.
muppets are so cute, the meaning is so deep though
Never new chance can sing
For the people who disliked just need address just wanna talk Just wanna talk
Is Chance the on actually playing the piano, or did they just make it look like he did?
love u chance
No commercials...Chance you are seriously a real one
it fits the puppet very well
i've never heard of eryn allen kane before but she has a gORgeous voice wow defs will be checking her out
That puppet is going to give me nightmares.
One of the last good rappers🙏🏽 bless up
good songs
This song fills me with sadness and joy. And the desire to visit my cousin Lucy with the ones i love
It has a lot of good beats