Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video)

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Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video)

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Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs (Official Video) To my moms ... why did you stay? ... dont you miss the days, strange ... dont forget the happy thoughts all you need are happy thoughts ... when did you start to forget how to fly ... stay in the lines ... we dont do the same drugs no more...
Is this Sesame Street or something
This sing is beautiful. Great song dude :)
Lucy leaf you don't laugh the same way no more
Pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of muppets and Yo Gabba Gabba.
He just drops the poor puppet 😂
He was lit
Ice cube called , said he wants his eyebrows and facial hair back!
22M views god this song is amazing
This is the hip hop culture? Foh
If you don’t get goosebumps when it goes all HD, something wrong with you
My sun watched this like 50000 times
Congratulations to Chance for winning three Grammy’s! We‘re proud of you!
Chance has always been a role model for me & it's crazy to see how far he's come. As lame as it sounds he truly inspired me and was one of the main reasons I started rapping. Thank you brother. And if you guys have a minute check out the videos on my channel. I promise you won't be disappointed.
His singing voice is bad lol
I occasionally forget how much I love this song
Director: what u want for your new music VEDIO
Chance: this big toy muppet