Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time (Official Music Video)

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Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time (Official Music Video)

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Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time (Official Music Video) Cher, at her very best. For you K.
Its a daring outfit even (or because) of 2019 standards
saw her in concert last year fantastic.
Yes.. I know you would JS 💕
Is she a trans?
think you Cher
My Dad 's best friend directed this video, and my Dad and stepmom went down to hang out and watch the filming. All these years later I remember them coming home and all they could talk about was Cher's (lack of) outfit. 30 years on and it's still pretty shocking.
The old battleship always looks good, and so does the "Mighty Mo". ;-)
Who's here to see the thong outfit?
And the hook
Anyone else see this song as saying “I am sorry for the bad things we said to Vietnam Vets? And saluting the new sailors for their work? Or is that too deep?
If I could find OA
Fran Fine
Lady can sing!
This Women has my full respekt, since i was young, now 64, because, not only her Musik Performance, no her Knowledge about Money Business, she was some years ago one of the richest Artists of the world! And I give a fuckin shit on assholes that says: Cher has so many Operations made,oh oh oh! She was as young women beautyfull and I as man, can understand that a woman
not want to look older in higher age, it is her body and her fuckin money and her pain to do this, O.K. cheers from germany, alex
If i could turn back time If I can find a way I’ll go back to the late 90s and I’ll stay
Breat song, my dream is turn back time and have another chance to life my life with my memories to not make same mistakes again, btw lol dunno if you noticked that she is pretty much nakid during this vedo xd
She was so hot! Im pretty sure mariners did one-hand clapping
Happy birthday!
I can totally picture Cher as Ruby Sheridan standin at Donna's grave singin this & cryin her eyes out knowin that the 2 of them will never get to make amends, but at least Ruby finally realized the error of her ways. Cher is so incredible
Anyone here because they watched that one crazy lady from hotel hell who thought she was Cher?