Chet Faker - Gold (Official Music Video)

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Chet Faker - Gold (Official Music Video)

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Chet Faker - Gold (Official Music Video) That girl in the middle is from Sigala - Sweet Lovin
I want the girl in the middle to sit on my face and I'm not even a lesbian.
Muy muy buena la cancion y el ritmo chill, me encantan esas bebe en patines...
the girl in the green looks the smoothest and nicest to me still
what amazing song
love frome israel
Those girls are so sexy ...what a great video! !!!
one of the best video i ever watched!
Hey, Nancy, I'm still here with you.
Reminds me of bat for lashes=what's a gırl to do.
All 3 are probably LA Roller Girls. Candice Heiden, the one you're looking at, is a from the LA Roller Girls.
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I'd probably crash my car too if I saw these girls skating.
Why is Chet's car smashed?

Because the girls crashed into it in the previous take.
the video and the song are mesmerizing
A person who name Faker all badass
how am i just hearing about this song now
Love it. If you dig this great kind of chilled music and have a moment,
search "ROSS - Solitude/Move On Up" for a dude who uses a loop pedal and a drum machine to make some nice sounds. I think you'll enjoy :)
Fu#*$# awesome