Chris Brown - Forever

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Chris Brown - Forever

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Chris Brown - Forever good times
Aquela nostalgia 😢
Anyone feeling Nostalgic and decided to come listen to this again?
Rep cabuloso cris!!!
Song reminded me of the office
Best song ever get up n dance
Caralho vai toma no cu essa música me dá uma vontade de chorar pqp
Il ne se passe une journée sans que je ne regarde pas une vidéo de Chris, il a vraiment marqué mon enfance
Pam and Jim?
Wath NY butk on tão chupss buy big music Poty Bay
These songs melted my heart because these songs are my childhood😔❤
I used yo listen to this song a lot in high school. Those days !!
My favourite chris brown song
Chris Brown have the nicest voice, that's why I've always tuned into his songs. I'll never forget this one.
I love this song😁😁😁😁😁
This song is timeless. Easily one of my favorite songs of all time. CB will always be my favorite artist.
Nigga better then the flash tho
No vulgarity,
No nonsense
No violence
Kids, this was our time ! In your time give me a song w/o N word!
P & J!
who's watching in 2087?