Chris Brown - Forever

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Chris Brown - Forever

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Chris Brown - Forever I haven't heard this song in..... forever
My favorite song since 2nd Grade
you know the feeling when you hear a song that flashback everything, those old times :(
one of my favorite song my current relationship song
love this song
nao tem como esqueçer dessa musica
This was the song that calmed all my brothers down I miss this shit keep it up breezy
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 My childhood. These were the jams man. Time flies😢😢😢😢
Jim and Pam weeding (From The Office)...have become Nostalgic.🙄
2017 🤘👏👏🎵
When music actually meant something😻
Nostalgia boa da porra kk
#2017 😁
this song reminds me of the good old days😪😍
RIP 2009, My year<3
When I listened it for first time , i understood that it was the song , which i wanted to listened before three years . Now it is my favourite song . Thanks a lot .