Chris Isaak - Wicked Game HD

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Chris Isaak - Wicked Game HD

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Chris Isaak - Wicked Game HD ¿Cómo haces una canción tan increíble? 😍
Someone 2019!?
seems i am the first to leave a comment in 2019... Awesome song
2019... alguém........
There was a time around 1990 on MTV when there was like 3 videos on an endless rotation,

thankfully this was one of 'em.
This song is pure class. No bullshit
I'm in looove. I'm in Liselott, I'm happiness
Kız beni isnstagrsmdan ekle ismim pusat.eren
Um dos clipes mais romântico q eu ja vir
Love Love melhor Flash Black
Wow increíbles recuerdos de mi juventud m ase volver a aquellos años
I love this song ♥️
Ai que amor.
D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 ? ? ?
ive been in a lotta wicked relationships
To be clear It's not love It's lust. Us men confuse it and blend the two. Try to convince ourselves more then anything. It don't help when you say I've never felt this way before to us . Makes us more delusional to the game women play on men. Lust gets you far but it aint love and with age i think anyone that has ever used anyone to obtain something feels that empty void. Not trying to put this beautiful song down .Just saying any kind hearted girls out there use lust first got us hooked. Then down the road realize wow picked a good girl how'd i get so lucky. Its like icing on the cake could imaging how good a feeling that be for any dude. Don't get me wrong i mostly know the difference between the two just the lyrics and video . Well if someone that smokin was all over me and saying things. (which I'm guessing the mystery girl did like this model) i would be hooked even everything else was screaming no don't She's not the one.