Chris Isaak - Wicked Game HD

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Chris Isaak - Wicked Game HD

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Chris Isaak - Wicked Game HD Esse.cara parece uma.caricatura de Elvis Presley.kkk
when times were simpler
Those eyes ♡♡♡♡
Candice Swanepoel brought me here
Listen to it in 2018💪🏻
Helena Christinsen's eyes are mesmerizing.
I’m pretty sure that all this asexual “liberal-tolerant”, “harassmentic ” obscurantism heavily is to blame for that fact we are listening shitty music in present time. And not only music. Idiots do not understand that art, esthetics, pleasure and sex sensuality inseparably depends with sexual freedom. Look on the European art, Ancient Greece (esthetics doctrine Kalos kagathos), Renaissance (painting was as form of protest against the Inquisition and religious puritanism), all of this masterpieces in painting, sculpture, poems etc were inspiriting and creating in private philandering atmosphere, secret places of harlotry, purposely in promoting lechery, because lechery creates beauty.
Name of the girl?
A couple of real good shots
To byly czasy chyba już nie wrócą
Chris is hot , Helena is hot , the video is hot ( thank you very much to the late great Herb Ritts ) , the song is gorgeous and hot , Chris's voice is dreamy. Purrrfect !!
I remember my mom playing this when I was little, I always have loved this song, it’s so calm and passionate.
Oq me chama mais a atenção é a sensualidade dos dois o charme w o cantor tem se completa com o da moça Helena Christensen ficou entre as20 mulheres mais lindas do mundo em1989 dinamarquesa nascida em 25 de dezembro
Chant central in mines too! <3
The song of time
That's my Wed song on bloods
Ross and Rachel first time in FRIENDS ❤❤
świetnie śpiewasz