Coldplay - Up&Up (Official Video)

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Coldplay - Up&Up (Official Video)

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Coldplay - Up&Up (Official Video) What an innovative video! And the song is great too (as usual)
❤ coldplay
La concha de tu hermana all boys
a master piece of video editing! it inspires me for my next holiday video :)
Wow this music video. Love <3
a melhor musica 💓💋💘💋💓🎤🎤🎤💋
El video mas original que he visto!! Los mejores ❤
🎧🎼🎹 Minha favorita!!!
i'm here to watch the video ,, it's genuis ,, i never seen something like thaaaaaaaaaaaat
My favorite cold play song
This is the best music video I ever seen
Thank you Coldplay for make wonderful songs like this
합성 지렸따...개잘함..ㄷㄷㄷ
I'm confused
But amazed
This is too perfect you just can't believe your eyes
Very good the music...☺
Coldplay = Heavenly Sounds
Que linda canción esnmi favorita 🐋🐼🙌